Dearest Companions

 In July 2023, Leirion Alternative Library invites you to its first MUN Summer Academy, on the bright and beautiful island of the Ionian Sea, Zakynthos (Zante). An island with enchanting natural landscapes, crystal  waters, rich history and a unique cultural heritage that will take your breath away.

A journey of knowledge, based on our two fundamental social pillars, Justice and Virtue. A once in a lifetime opportunity to delve into our inner self and discover a brand-new world of creativity and novelty. A firm reminder that  Science is Virtue and Philosophy is an act of Love.

Come let us fill our souls with light, baptize our thoughts in Love and understand that in the new era that has invaded our lives somewhat violently, the starting point for every decision, progress, political and social coexistence of Nations is only one:

The change of view of our sense of existence. The new era necessitates the decision of every person and society to work with love on the four “Φ”s of Pythagoras.

We must remember that we are all one and only when we coexist with love and respect can we consider ourselves citizens of the world.

Anna Pani

Director of Leirion MUN Academy
Founder and Chairwoman of Leirion


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Hotel Castello Beach - Argasi Zakynthos


Zakynthos or Zante is one of the seven main Greek islands of the Ionian Sea, known as Eptanisa (Seven Islands in Modern Greek). The island of Zakynthos is the southernmost of the complex and one of the most famous islands of Greece for summer tourism.

The team of Leirion, decided to create a new educational summer academy for young people and educators from all over the world, choosing Zakynthos as its starting point, having in mind that this unique island lies between the West and the East world. A place of creative co-existence of different cultural elements from Italy, Greece and the Balkans. The perfect place to give birth to something culturally new and innovative.

The students and young people that will decide to join the academy will have the opportunity to meet people of their age from other cultural backgrounds and acquire major life skills (critical thought, collective perspective and right argumentation). Furthermore, they will see in action what it means to live in the time of globalization (shared entertainment media,

common global words, common pop and intellectual idols) and they will enjoy the educational and recreational tourism that Zakynthos has to offer them.

Of course, besides young participants, the academy is open to teachers, social workers, educators of non-profit organizations, tour-guides and in general to anyone that wants to deepen their scientific knowledge and enrich their cultural experience. Participants will have the opportunity to see new teaching methods, learn more about the United Nations and discover the harmonious co-existence and interconnection between different fields of science such as astronomy, philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, digital technology and politics. The participants’ use of this new combined knowledge in their everyday lives and workplaces will be the benchmark for something culturally new on a global scale.

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